Katherine’s video

Katherine’s video


2 hoops and a ball? There’s more to it than that actually

When looking through the articles on cracked.com I immediately went to the sports section because there are so any myths and radical claims made in the world or sports. I first looked into steroids in baseball,  but realized there aren’t any myths because steroids are used and everyone knows it. Secondly, I’ve never been a big NBA fan. In fact, you couldn’t pay me to watch an NBA game before the Thunder came to OKC, now I sort of follow their season. I’ve heard about the theories that it is rigged, winners are picked before the game starts and  that even some of the players are in on it. So, when i stumbled across this article I found it very interesting. It gives 3 reasons why people think the NBA is rigged. First, the video footage of the 1985 draft lottery where the envelop for one team is blatantly creased and then drawn to receive the first pick. The second is statements made by a disgruntled former referee saying that ‘popular teams are favored to win.’ And finally because former NBA commissioner basically came out and said it was. From his statements, you can infer what he really means. I’m looking forward to digging deeper and finding more dirt on the NBA.

“5 Facts Everyone Gets Wrong About Depression”

“5 Facts Everyone Gets Wrong About Depression”


Depression is said to be the act of prolonged saddness or lack of motivation. I planned to investigate what it means to be depressed, the effects it can cause and common misconceptions of depression.

I choose depression as my topic because I feel that people really are misinformed about it. With the cracked article and other articles i plan on finding and using I hope to shed some light on the topic of depression.

In the Cracked article i found it talks about 5 facts that everyone gets wrong about depression. Out of those i plan to focus more on the fact that only old people and women get depressed.


“Great, now you are clinically depressed, too?

The cracked article made fun of this seriousness while they talked about. Above is an image and description they used.