Below is a brief bio for each of the contributors to this page.

16 thoughts on “Contributors

  1. My name in Kasey Fields, I am from a suburb of the great city of Chicago. I love to watch and play sports, and I have been lucky enough to be Manager for Cowboy Football this year.

  2. Autumn Johnson:
    19 years old after February 23rd.
    From Coweta, Oklahoma.
    Studying Human Development and Family Sciences.
    Attending Stillwater Church of Christ, University Center.
    I love to eat, and I love to talk.

  3. My name is Grayson Gillette. I am a sophomore at Oklahoma State University from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. I am studying to be an athletic trainer and hope to one day work with a professional sports team.

  4. My name is Rebecca Nelson and I’m from OKC. I have two younger sister, 18 and 8. I am a sophomore at OSU studying Human Development and Family Science with a minor in math. My favorite colors are gray and orange.

  5. I’m a freshman at Oklahoma State studying Strategic Communications & Political Science. I’m an avid tea drinker, obsessive reader, and enthusiastic baker who loves belting out classic rock and indie pop songs as I drive along back roads. The arts were and always will be my first love. If you’ll hammock or go to a baseball game with me, I’ll love you forever.

  6. My name is Clint Smith I’m a student at Oklahoma State University. I’m from Collinsville, Oklahoma. I love any kind of sport except soccer and Baseball is by far my favorite.

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