And They Lived Intellectually Ever After.

I am constantly curious. I always have been. Growing up, I was that annoying little kid who was either buried in a book or asking an inordinate amount of questions. I just love learning things. School is seriously my favorite. I blame Belle in Beauty and the Beast for turning me into such a freak as a kid…


Seriously though, how great is she?


So, naturally, as I grew older, it seemed natural for me to begin to really enjoy research. Again, I just love learning things.

I also see the world in stories. Some people insist “a picture is worth a thousand words” but I believe that the right word is worth a thousand pictures. Scenes from my daily life become intricately intertwined threads in the narrative web of my brain. That’s why I chose to major in Strategic Communications with a minor in Political Science. I want to spend my life telling the story of a candidate whose message I believe in.

Each of these traits helped motivate my research project and process.

Therefore, when I found my cracked article, I was intrigued. I want to know how to best communicate my message to the electorate, were negative ads really the best way?

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 7.24.27 PM


I spent several hours over the past few weeks digging my way through sources, sources, and more sources. I’m currently in a 4000 level Poli Sci class called Media & Politics, which deals with a lot of these issues. My professor for this class is also a researcher who is conducting field experiments across the country, which test the effectiveness of negative advertisements. The material covered in that class, as well as several conversations with him, helped me locate prestigious scholars who had already conducted a lot of research in this area. That class provided me with an understanding of the concepts and a springboard for locating reliable sources. This paper also motivated me to get involved with research in the realm of negative advertisements on a personal level. In fact, I’ll be helping with those field experiments as an RA next semester.

So, this has been great. I’ve gotten to learn. I’ve gotten to learn more about telling stories that resonate with people. I’ve gotten to explore new academic opportunities. So, yay for research and living intellectually ever after…


I hope Belle would approve. 😉


I Bid Thee Adieu

I have to say blogging was a different experience for class work, it really made it enjoyable. I could express my weirdness and be rewarded for it! There’s not a lot of classes you can get away with that in. It really supports creativity and has helped me become a better writer. These posts practically have written my research paper for me already, I just need to organize my ideas and create a thesis out of it.

Anywho, because I chose a topic I’m so fond of to research about I feel like I enjoyed the whole experience, but there were some bumps in the road.

I think it’s easy to see throughout my blogs I became more comfortable with typing simply what I felt about the topics instead over-thinking everything. My blogs went from being a choppy Q&A to flowing, and witty while still getting the point across.

Overall, I really liked this way of slowly moving into the research paper, it makes it less scary for sure!

Lol, I'm sorry I had to.

Lol, I’m sorry I had to.


Is This Real Life?

Last blog post……..



Alright. So here’s my break-down on how my whole research process happened:


(SIDENOTE: I couldn’t figure out how to place the text around the pictures, so here goes)

As the pictures depict it, this journey wasn’t as easy as it sounded but when do research papers ever sound like they’re going to be a piece of cake to write? The last research paper that I wrote wasn’t like what we did throughout this semester preparing for it.

To begin the process I looked up an article that was super interesting and that actually caught my attention. The article “Five Everyday Pieces of Clothing With Shocking Health Risks” was something I looked up on my own since I wanted some kind of an article that had to do with health due to the fact that I’m into the medical field.

Next, we went to search for some books and more articles in the OSU Library database which made me go crazy since I had to use exact and detailed words to figure out what I wanted to find. Eventually I ran into a article which explained what facial piercings were for, what they were called, etc.

Finally, I looked around for some online articles that were related to my topic. I liked some of the quotes that were provided within the articles and therefore am going to use them in my paper to give it more detail.

This process has been sort of disorganized for me, however, I don’t regret being in this class because if I was in some other Comp 2 class I would’ve already written two other papers. Thank goodness for these blogs!

A picture speaks a thousand words

Blog post number 10, the final blog. Obviously since this is the last one I must give an entire recap of everything I have done for my research paper thus far. To start I think back to the first day when we were told to find a Cracked article that we would be spending the rest of our semester on (No pressure right?). To make this recap more interesting I am going to describe it through pictures.

imgres A computer: It all began when I sat down at a computer in the Edmon Low Library. I googled and started scrolling through articles. I found several interesting ones. For example one about the myths that surround Pirates, one that talked about myths in the dark ages, and the one I chose 6 Ridiculous Myths about the Middle Ages that Everyone believes. I’ll be honest it was a tough choice Pirates or Middle Ages, in the end I chose the Middle Ages because it would have more sources of information I could consult.


A Book: On our first library day I immediately searched for books pertaining to my topic because I wanted to leave as soon as possible. Also books are easier for me than computers. Computers and I don’t get along. Case and point, I am about to throw my laptop out the window because it won’t put the image where I want it to BE! Back to actual information. On that library trip I got two books, the one pictured above and Science in the Middle Ages. The book above has been the most helpful out of the two.


Another Book: On our next trip to the library I checked out this book, plus The Foundations of Science in the Middle Ages. In addition to checking out these books I also looked online for any sources specifically academic articles. I thought I should try since most of the blog post directions included talking about the academic articles we found. A survey of my sources: Books 6, academic articles 0. As it turns out no new life changing research is being done about the Middle Ages! *That was sarcasm* Having no academic articles is fine by me though because they are (to me) incredibly boring to read.




Low and Behold my journey continued with another book: This book I actually had to get from the architectural library. Yes they have their own personal library and yes anyone can check out books from it. This was not the first time I had checked out books from this library, last semester I had this crazy idea that I wanted to be an architect. That lasted about oh…3 weeks. I discovered that new buildings held no interest for me, old buildings though! They take my breath away especially Medieval Gothic Cathedrals. That is why I am including a paragraph on Gothic Cathedrals even though the Cracked writers do not use them as an example.

If you are keeping count you may notice that I have only mentioned 5 books thus far, well the last book I did not check out from the library I actually found it on JSTOR. It also talks about Gothic Cathedrals.


Now my final blog post is coming to an end and inside I am celebrating, until I remember I have to write the proposal and the paper and make the video…


Hehe yes I brought it back. You may be thinking, what is this obsession with this picture? Well I wrote a 10 page paper over Chartres Cathedral, so I am going to include it in as many things as I possibly can!

The Research Cycle

Ahh.. the last blog post.. I never thought I would make it to this day. However, my research project is indeed quite far away.

It all started back in February at the library. I was so lost on what topic to choose and time was running out. I was frantically scrambling through the website but I just could not figure out the right topic.


Suddenly, I happened on some environmental myths. I thought, “Okay, this can work… I mean pretty much every modern controversy has something to do with environment, right?”

I noticed the myth titled “Local food isn’t actually much better than imported food.” This one caught my eye, not because I am familiar with the topic, but because I have never heard of it before in my life. So, I figured this would be a good topic because I can come at it from a fresh and unbiased point of view. Little did I know what frustrations awaited me.


The main problem I had with this topic was actually finding studies done on it. I should have known from when I first started that if I had never heard of this controversy, that there wouldn’t be much research to find on it. Every article I found that was actually somewhat helpful was sacred to me because they were few and far between.

The words “food miles” were just about the only way to get good sources on this subject. I originally thought this was my Eureka moment but then I realized there was a big problem with this. That problem is that most of the articles I found were based solely on food miles, and that didn’t help me explore the other parts of this argument. I have a lot of research on the carbon emissions from transportation between the growing site and the market where goods are bought and consumed, but not much else. Unfortunately, this has made my data collection rather linear.

Overall, I do think this has been a decent research project so far, however it hasn’t been my most successful research project by far. I think that with the sources I have, I will be able to put together a good paper. I am a little worried on how the video will turn out, because I don’t really know how to make a video of my project. I do face a big challenge ahead.





This is the end

This has by far been the most extensive research paper I’ve ever done on one of the simplest topics. I’ve done research papers on clinical based practice for therapeutic modalities such as electrical stimulation that took less time and work than this one.



This makes more sense than a NBA scandal, now doesn’t it.


I thought i’d find evidence of the NBA choosing winners in an office somewhere behind closed doors. Instead, all the evidence was of referee biases towards specific teams or players. Now, the debate is whether the NBA has instructed referees to act this way. The phrase that stuck with me was “profitable biases” implying that these biases do, in fact, create some profit for the NBA. I also found it interesting that the NBA can deny trades, even if both teams agree on the terms.


As for the cracked article, I knew I wanted to some type of sports myth. I thought about steroids in baseball and really anything to do with the red sox. Then i saw a related article on the NBA being rigged. I’ve heard the rumors and kind of always suspected that its true. After all it is a business, and businesses must make money. It would only make sense that the NBA and every professional sport for that matter to be fixed in some way. They have to protect and ensure their assets to keep the business alive.



And Then We All Did A Happy Dance!

The time has come the end of these research blogs. I feel no emotion except excitement for this portion of the class being completed. Only now i feel some agony for the now daunting task of writing the actual paper.  Oh wait i’m getting ahead of myself let’s start at the very beginning.

Sound of Music Group - Let's start at the very beginning it's a very good place to start

It all began a short couple of months ago…(fades to dream sequence)

When this was assigned We were told to go to to find an article that talked about common myths. While reading through some of the article I stumbled across one in particular that caught my attention, Five Facts Everyone Gets Wrong About Depression.


” I’ve stumbled onto something great!”

Given depression is not the most appealing of subjects to look deeper into, I still wanted to learn more about this troubling mental disease. After reading over the  myths talked i noticed I myself thought some of them to be true. Once committed to depression as my topic i began the journey of deeping up the facts.

As a class we started meeting in the library. Figuring out  how to use databases and getting a feel for finding viable sources to form our research. For me I found more myths about depression some matching up to cracked a few new ones. At the start i noticed the population as a whole knows little about how depression effects people and their families.


Depression affects everyone.

So I personally could get a better understanding about depression I looked up what depression is. This told me what depression was and what were some ways people are affected by it. It was then i decided I would look into some studies about it depression, bu there was a problem while searching the databases.

When searching for things about depression it is a very broad topic and it is hard to narrow down what you are looking for. Given Proquest and Ebsco provided me with some usable articles and journal entries it was honestly just a headache for me.

” Why databases??!?! Why?!?!?!?!?”

No worries though Proquest provided not one but two usable sources (found them after i drugged up on the headache meds). The first usable article I came across was one about a study about the importance of recognizing depressive symptoms in people.  The second one being about the long term effects of depression on a person and what is can cause.  So in the end Proquest came through for me.

Honestly every time i have used Ebsco It just makes me personally hate it more (ever since middle school this has been the case) Besides that i was able to find one useful article. It discusses the physical risk that have become associated with depression, if someone suffers a long time from it.

My search did not end with those two databases though. After a while i went to Google Scholar, which allowed me see several different reliable sources (well since i was on OSU internet). I found this one source that the influence of stress on depression.     My other google provided source was one from the World Health Organization talking about how depression is a world wide health problem.

This wraps up up my research that has occurred over this assignment.

But now the real fun will begin……

Well Nothing To Do Now But Write

The research project started out with me finding out we have to do a research paper a very in depth research paper. horror

My first thoughts were of horror—which is from the two research papers I wrote in high school.My teachers in high school were always very strict about having to do everything in class and in a certain way. I did not like doing everything in class because I just wanted to do it all at one time, so I wanted to be able to research at home as well. I also did not like that the teachers made all of us write in the same way. I do not like doing outlines or prewriting. I am much better at writing the paper all at one time and then going back, and fixing it. My high school teachers also always made us write in thesis sentence support topic sentence support. This made for very uncreative writing—which I am sure my papers are still uncreative because of this. My high school definitely shaped the way I think about research papers and writing in general which is I hate it. I am not very good at it either. pro

So when the project started I was dreading it. However, the paper has gone much better than I expected probably because the writing part has not started yet. Another thing that I always hated about research papers other than writing is the research part. It was always very hard for me to find good academic sources on my topics. However, again this has gone much better with this paper. This is probably because I have the OSU library databases to use. Now after my rant about how horrible research papers are I can talk about the process that I went through to do my research. I started off the process by selecting a topic of course. I searched just randomly clicking on articles that looked interesting to me. I finally clicked on 6 Ridiculous Myths about Stuff We Use Every Day. The number one myth is the one that caught my attention. It is the myth that microwaving/freezing plastic containers releases deadly toxins. I picked this because it is something that I have had to deal with my step dad never left us heat stuff up in plastic because he said it would kill us. I followed this up by looking into the linking listed in my article. Nowhere better to start then with the information used to write the article. From there I started researching on the OSU library databases, and the two I used were EBSCO and ProQuest. From there I found academic and popular magazine articles which I thought would be very helpful in my research. During the process or researching I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the sources that I had gathered.


This whole research paper experience has gone so much better than I thought it would. This time I have actually enjoyed doing the research to find out the facts behind my myth. This was probably helped by the fact that this is the first research paper that I have gotten to pick the topic, so that made the entire process more enjoyable because I actually wanted to know about the topic.

The Grand Finale

Researching for a project is not always a nice walk through the park. Just like myself, I think that most people have their moments of frustration and doubts when researching. 

When I first started my research I probably looked like a lost puppy. It always seems like one of the hardest parts in the process of researching is where you begin. “How can beginning a research project be hard when theres a whole web to surf?” One might ask. Well… it is not always as easy as pie. You can’t really just start searching, you first need to find a proper database to search from. Whereas the web is filled with lots of facts and helpful information, it also contains lies and misleading thoughts.

To be honest, I don’t find researching enjoyable, but I know that sometimes it’s just something I have to do. It can be very frustrating because I don’t always find the quality of information that I think I will need for my project. That was a problem that I can across this time around. I found a lot of articles that basically stated the same thing but in a different way. Or not all the sources I found could really relate back to the cracked article. I was not able to find many articles to prove both sides of the cracked article. All the sources I found pretty much seem to take on side. This is not always a bad thing, but for the sake of this project I am trying to portray both sides while making one of them a little more dominant. Also, whenever I am doing research I always feel like I am not doing it right. At this point I am still feeling like maybe I don’t have enough information.

Despite the problems and frustration I have come across, I am still trying to push through to do this research. First, I started by looking at the cracked article I choose to research more about.  I looked at the sources listed in the cracked article and read through those to understand the cracked article more. Then, I began researching on the library database and that is where I found majority of my sources. I have found quite a bit of information, but like I mentioned earlier I am not sure if it is “enough” information. I plan on doing a little more research on my own to get to the point where I can feel comfortable with the amount of research I have done.

I have found blogging to be helpful, because I was able to jot down information as well as read my classmates blogs. Even though the blogging hasn’t been that bad I am still glad this is the last one!!!

At Last (I hope you are all singing the song now).

It is actually quite sad that this whole blog thing is over. Now where I a supposed to get my frustration/sarcasm out at? 🙂 Kidding. Well, kind of.

Okay, so if you haven’t been following, this post will sum it up.

you underestimate my power

Well, to begin with I wasn’t happy with writing a research paper. I don’t care to research unless it is like super interesting. And TBH, not to fond of concussions, or any other “sciencey” things. Still, it was the best I had in the 20 minutes I had to find an article. Turns out, after this whole process it wasn’t that bad. It is now interesting. The whole question was and still is, “Should people sleep after having a concussion?” Well, I thought.. there isn’t going to be a complicated answer, but of course I was wrong and it is complicated in a way. It is neither yes or no. It is simply “It depends.”

Yeah, after all that research I still can’t fully answer. Each individual will have to do some of there own research to decide that. But I can at least now help differentiate between when it is most likely you should sleep or not, in a way. Ha.

Alright, so how did I come up with this concept or “answer”? Well it began with these posts, which were hard to figure out. I loved it once I was told to be creative and figured out the pictures and that I could be, well, sassy about things. Ha. It started to be really fun even though the research still sucked. Going back and naming them was fun too, and it was cool to see the progress and now all the sudden I have loads of information for this paper and I didn’t even really know til the annotated bib. I appreciate this blog so much, because it wasn’t hard and it really was entertaining and I got work done without knowing it. I guess that is because it was little assignments at a time. Which was cool.

That was the blog process, but the research process itself was interesting too. First, all the sources kind of said the same thing, well then it slowly progressed to other search words and then all of the sudden I had different kinds of articles, telling me different kinds of things about concussions, things I didn’t even think to search about or question. Now I have some substance to the argument. Now it is all forming it into what I want to say and how exactly to say it will be the trick. So, at last (hopefully the song gets stuck in your head now), we are done researching but now it is organizing and figuring out the structure and words to say to present all of the (actually exciting) information I have.

The cracked article was vague and very un-serious about the topic and so was I when I began the research, but soon vague turned into detailed and un-serious turned into interested. Had it not been for the process we took to get here, I would still be uninteresting and stressed about a boring topic.

Well thank you Mr. Gosling.