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The Struggle will be Real

Okay so let me start out with what is really scaring me… I have this awful feeling that everything I have researched is wrong. I have doubts in the depth of the research and if I approached the project properly. I sure hope I did or else, I may have to start completely over with my research. Now that I have that off my chest lets sum this whole project up:

sont srone me bro

At the beginning I really was unsure how to approach the entire project. I wanted to choose a topic that would have a fair amount of speculation surrounding it. I would have loved to do something more sports related because I have much more knowledge of it. I guess researching The Use Drones is good for me overall. I have been able to learn a lot about public opinion and clauses that are used to defeat some parts of the constitution, making me a better citizen I guess.


So much time spent on these databases…

So far we have just been doing some easy research, and the entire class is better for it because w knocked out the toughest part of the project.

Basically we have been blogging about articles we have found and this has helped me dig deeper into the information than I normally would in any other project. How the project was structured made it much easier to spread out our work over a 5-6 week period. I still procrastinated by waiting to post blogs till the last minute, but at least I wont be panicking the day before this is due searching for research.

Writing block

Now to my recent doubt, I think I have approached the project in the right way, but I still think I have done a poor job of proving the Cracked.com article wrong/right. I guess some creative writing will answer my doubts. I keep having these feelings that my article was very vague on the topic.

The ‘eureka’ moment has yet to come to my mind/project but hopefully it will come while working on my drafts in the coming weeks. The writing process will take a lot out of me, so once this whole process is over I will feel a giant weight come off my back.

weight of the world



Getting down to Business


Drone Wars

by Michael Burnham-Fink

The article gives a unique perspective of a drone pilot, he explains the ins and outs of flying a drone over seas. This article is important for my use because it shows that he saw a very intimate side of targets. Showing that the drones can see things they should not and proving the Cracked article correct.

The Wonderful World of Drones

by Sara Sorcher

Sara Sorcher shows how drones are used on the domestic side. The author denies that the drones can be used to spy. I will use this argue that the government tries to hind the truth in order to use these drones across the country.

Unmanned Drones are Flying High in the Military/Aerospace Sector

R. Schneiderman

This article lays out the potential future of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The article explains of the technology will advance rapidly. I think this will help show how the governments policies on drones will not keep up with the rapid advancements, providing loopholes in favor of the government.

Obama Defends Drone Use

Carol Lee

This article lays out the opinions of the leaders in country. The author shows the president supporting Drones as a tool to gain information on the nations enemy. I will use this article to demonstrate how domestic policy will be used in order to use drones against the American citizens.

Police Drones: A Legal Studies Case Study   

Ben Neil

This shows many different ways drones have been used to help aid police in arrest. The most important case is one where a man arrested for the illegally growing cannabis. I will use this to show that the government can spy on us, even without regards to our constitutional rights.

Deadly Drones, Due Process, and the Fourth Amendment

William Funk

The author looks into the constitutionality of striking against U.S. citizen both foreign and domestic. Looking into many laws including the fourth amendment. This will help further explain whether the strikes are legal based on existing laws and the constitution.


Surveillance and violence from afar: The Politics of Drones and Liminal security scapes

Tyler Wall

The article explains how the use of drones dehumanize the individuals in the country. The Drones take away the natural rights of citizens. This will continue to show how the government can spy on individuals without consequence. The use of the drones in America makes it hard because with the density of communities spying is much easier, especially if it is ‘unintentional’.

The Legality of Armed Drone Strikes against U.S. Citizens within the United States

Marshall Thompson

The law review shows that precedents by the supreme court have been set against the government using drones against Americans. The continued use of the drones around the country show that government is finding loopholes. I will use this to show how the government can find loopholes to spy on the citizens, and also use more explains where people were arrested on charges found by drones


Using Unmanned Aerial Systems within the homeland: Security Game-Changer?

U.S. Government Printing Office

The hearing shows that the government is trying to protect out rights in the best way they can. The conversation shows the opinions of our countries leaders. I will use to further elaborate how the leaders want use these on American soils.

Making the Most of Edmon’s Paper Supply

When researching in the library, I did not change much of my habits. I logged onto the computer and continue to dive into the databases. The sources I found while in the Library though have been very interesting and important. Including two government documents and a case study of Drones being used in Canada. While on the Library computers I was looking for books using the Database, but failed to find a book that related back to my topic. I did take the time in the library.to print off 30 page articles because I am in college and can’t afford ink or the paper for my printer I think this is simply because Drone use in the United States is a new controversy.

The sources I stumbled upon in the Library are very helpful because they are government documents. One source is from a Supreme Court hearing discussing the legality of drone usage, and the other explains how using drones in the US could be very difficult. These two will help mold my own thesis and which side of the road I stand on. If the Supreme Court document explains the exact legality of the Drone usage in American Skies, against American people it will be very tough to argue against their rulings. The Article though still shows a grey area in the legislation and use.

The controversy rages on as many people see both sides of the argument. Another Article about Surveillance of the American people explains how drones turn humans/civilians into targets against the government. The use of the Drones in America only gives the government more control and power.

Searching in the Library has given me many angles to pursue and crack the myth from the original Cracked.com article, that the average drone pilot can be a spy.

Assistance from the Sky

I choose to take a closer look into Police Drones: Legal Studies Case Study  too look into what rights the government could potential be taking away from the citizens in the United States. Benjamin Neil  tries to bring the disregard of the 4th Amendment rights to the light, as he explains a situation when a drone(UAV) was used to affect an arrest. The author is looking to find the legality of the new situation and the shift in technology used by the police in North Dakota.


Could new Legislation be coming  regarding Drone Use?

The Author discusses the rights granted by the fourth amendment, unreasonable search and seizure, to show how this new wave of technology could put the constitutional right in jeopardy. The case in question by the author shows how a drone was used to find the location of a man who was hiding on his own land. The police department barrowed the drone from the federal government. The author continues to explain that since no precedent has ever been set in this type of case, it is hard to understand the legality of the operation or the use of Drones for local police units.

Spying.. on accident?

The kinda comparison

The Cracked.com Article explains how the drone pilots could become an incidental violator of privacy while flying the drones over residential areas. This situation where police use the drones to find someone hiding from police on his land is very different. The police use the drone to fish out someone they suspected for a crime, they did not incidentally fly over and see the man. the key frustration with the general population is the incidental invasion of privacy the police could trip over, and if something illegal were to be occurring on private property near a investigated crime those constituents are not protected by the fourth amendment.

Daunting Databases, the Sequel

The daunting Databases, have haunted my first semester in college, from a professor almost laughing at my rough draft to downloading, almost 1 million pdf files now. The world of research has been redefined since I started school here in Stillwater. Using Databases that collect hundreds of thousands of research articles, and trying narrow down my results of “Drones and Spying” has had ripping out my hair.

The process is challenging and time consuming. Trying to find the exact article to fit the needs of my paper can be difficult. That being said, I have been able to find sources and the articles I have found will help define my thesis. The discipline of Drone uses I am looking into is a relatively new controversy. Drone Pilots have said they have the ability to unintentionally invade on the private lives of people while they stalk an enemy, fly on reconnaissance missions, etc. Finding many scholarly research articles on this new issue has been difficult.


The Dream Starts Here…

The best results I received from my search came from ProQuest. I found three very solid articles about Police Drones, Fourth Amendment Rights in the United States, and The President’s opinions on Drones used in the Middle East. I tried to use both Jstor and Ebsco Host, but neither yielded any articles I deemed important at the time. With my future research I think it is important to find the opinions of government officials. I will especially look into the opinion of governors in each state to see how they feel about the rising issue.

My research using the Library Databases has led to a refined image of my own paper. I am now looking into the issues behind of invading privacy of American Citizens as it pertains to the Fourth Amendment. I think the skills we were shown in the Library lecture helped, but also complicated some issues when searching through the certain databases. I hope to work through the confusion and make getting very refined searches in the future.

(Revised Blog #5

Daunting Databases

The process of searching the daunting databases is always kind of tough. I seem to restrict myself to the first few pages of the results from the search. I have started to see the dispute on drones to become more relevant when they are considered for domestic use. I think approaching the topic through the concern of spying will help narrow down the results I get. I guess research involves much more patience than I truly understood before coming to school this year. I find it very challenging to go through all of the results trying to find the article with just the evidence to support my thesis.

I have been surprised with the amount of sources I could find talking about the topic, Drone Controversy is a relatively new area of discussion and having multiple journals and academic reviewed entries gave me a reborn confidence in the topic for my paper, I had begun to worry. I am really interested in the politics of the use of drones, both foreign and domestically. I think the way the government wants to use the technology is very different and can be seem radical to many, the divide between the government and people is interesting.

One source is I found, Police Drones, is very compelling because it can give the police to investigate a crime from a new angle and deploy the Drone as soon as a call is made. It is affecting how the police can make arrest, and people argue this development is a encroachment on their privacy.

The largest backlash against the drones is the argument of the invasion of privacy, or every American’s 4th Amendment right which is touched on in,  DEADLY DRONES, DUE PROCESS, AND THE FOURTH AMENDMENT, the authors touch on the rising insecurity of the private lives of citizens from the government.

One area I was looking for from the voice of President Barack Obama on the future of using Police Drones, I found several articles including, Obama Defends Drone Use, that state he supports the way he and the military use the drones in conflict. If I had quotes from the President I think my research would have a firm argument, one way or the other.

I think my research has led to a refined look at research, while I am still searching for some opinions on the matter, I think I have gained focus on the issue of defending the 4th amendment rights of the people in the United States.

Turning 180 Degrees, because I like to make Things Difficult

The author of Unmanned Drones are Flying High in the Military/Aerospace Sector looks into the technology the planes operate with, but also the complicated equipment the pilots must use to operate the drones from so far away. The drones which fly recon missions in Afghanistan, are typically operated state side, so the equipment and technology has to be advance in order to connect the two extremes. He also goes into detail about the new technology being developed for similar purposes by many different companies. He sees the Drone industry exploding up and the technology to keep pushing the limits. This relates to the article, Drone Wars, because not many young Soldiers are joining the military/Air Force to become Drone Pilots. The first article indicates that the technology could one day pilot itself.

Shows the estimated total of Civilian Deaths.. Civilian Deaths detailed in red.

Shows the estimated total of Civilian Deaths.. Civilian Deaths detailed in red.

I am still very unsure how I want to approach this paper, with Drones being so controversial many writers have very different opinions. The Drones are used in so many good ways, to monitor chemical spills, forest fires, and military surveillance. On the other hand, the drones can invade the privacy of the public stated in the Cracked.com article and of course the Predator Drones have taken several innocent civilian lives. The issue has so many variables it is hard to find the right to talk about the topic. I have read stories about Pilots having to deal with very poor lag on the connection to the drone, this event the Drone Pilot depicted ended civilian lives.

Sara Sorcher wrote, The Wonderful World of Drones, Talks about the ability for first responders to launch the drone to see problem area before they can get there. This could help in California during serious Forest Fires, and in rural areas where it could take fire, police, and emergency vehicles to get the place of emergency. Sara went to primary sources of agencies that use the drones, which is what most of my research has come from pilots or representatives of a company produces/using drones. The author raised a very important argument which I think will help me focus on the domestic use of the drone. The technology of the Drone can selectively take images of indicated areas, unlike a manned aircraft which pilots can see everything invading privacy of others.

This is a very different approach I have taken and the research has shown in blog #2. The controversy surrounds domestic use by state, and local government although the misuse of the drones on foreign soil is often in the news especially during this current Presidents term in office. This is a politically backed controversy on both domestic and foreign soil; both come with very different controversies.


The comparison between Obama and Bush administration.



Why Drones have ‘K-Mart’ Connection…

I found a couple of articles discussing the difficulties of flying the Predator Drones in the military. One of the Articles written by R. Schniederman is, Unmanned Drones are Flying High in the Military Sector. The article talks about the technology used in the planes and the cockpits. The rapid development of the technology has helped the drones be used frequently but the same problems of slow reception to cockpits exist. This article will help me develop an argument about the drones lag can cause damage to villages and kill civilians. The explanation of the lag between plane and cockpit bring me back to playing Call of Duty online. I always hated the players with more dicey connection that slowed the game down. I am not surprised that drones have poor connections, but I assume the Pilots get frustrated trying to do their job.

But we tend to forget that the drones operate on satellites orbiting the earth, so sometimes things can get messy. Unfortunately this can cost civilian lives

The CockPit of a drone, sometimes 6000 miles from target

The Drone Cock Pit of a drone, sometimes 6000 miles from target

Another article I was able to find using the Library’s databases was, The Wonderful World of Drones, by Sara Sorcher. The article talks about the possible threat to the American people in the future and the bureaucratic process of just taking out one target out. The article talks about the practical uses for the drones for surveillance and search an rescue missions, but goes on to talk about the dangers of using the drones for killing terrorist targets.

These articles will help me narrow my focus further from the Cracked.com article. I think once I narrow down my argument the information and search will be focused better.