Blog Post 8: Locating Sources

I thought searching In the library was easy and helpful. It was easy to concentrate and easy to search though articles on the library database. The only challenge I had was that I would find tan article that I could potentially use and then it would take me to a different website and not show me a summary or abstract. I knew going into it that searching for articles is a process but the library database has made it easier. In high school when I had to write a research paper, it was much more difficult to find helpful sources. It was a long and drawn out process.
I was able to find about 5 or 6 quality sources that were really interesting and helpful.
I found articles about how alcohol leads to addiction and alcohol abuse. They go into science behind alcohol and what ingredients do what to your body. I found articles that talk about some myths and facts about alcohol addiction and abuse as well.
These sources help shape my project a lot. I didn’t have many sources or much information until I expanded my search and found more information. They contradicted my hypothesis and it helped expand my project.

Blog Post 7: Addictive Drinking Can Lead To A Punch In The Face

In blog post 5 I talked about an article that explains some common myths of alcohol abuse. The writers just talk about how drinking can lead to serious problems down the road like becoming an alcohol addict or alcohol abuse. It goes into greater depth of some common myths people believe are true when it comes to alcohol abuse. The writers just give facts about alcohol abuse. There are way too many too list. They just have findings on what products in the alcoholic drink do what. They just give a general breakdown on what everything does. This article is a little different than my cracked article. I started out with common myths about drinking now I have had to expand to alcohol abuse and addictive drinking and more specific things about alcohol.

Blog Post 6: Analytical Writing

I could use more of an analytical approach. It would make me think about different and new things to add into my research. I could add more pictures because drinking pictures are usually funny and it would make people laugh so that could help my research as well. Im not sure how someone completely different would respond. They probably would not like it because im pretty straight forward. I could add funny pictures and maybe throw in a joke here in there to make it more fun. My perspective has changed in how people get tired of reading the same thing over and over because im the same way.

Blog Post 5: Simple Searching.

The process of searching on library databases is fairly simple. The challenges were when I would try to somewhat specific absolutely nothing that I want to talk about would come up. So I had to be real vague in my search to find articles. Searching through the library database did help because I may have found more articles I could possibly use. The quality of my sources seems to be trustworthy and informative. The sources I found talked more about the addictive side of drinking and how it can lead to domestic violence which are interesting things to talk about. I think these sources will help expand my project a little more and give me more to talk about.

Blog Post 4: Bacon Cures Hangovers and Appetites!

In my blog post 3 I talked about an article at, It talks about how many people think there is not a cure for a hangover however they say there is one. They state that a bacon sandwich can actually cure hangovers. The article just gives scientific facts backing their claim. The writers say that a bacon sandwich cures a hangover by boosting the levels of amines which clear the head. The article does not say what can not be determined from the results.

Looking back on blog post 2 the studies were very similar in how they backed their claim. They both studies why people like bacon and why its good for them in multiple ways. The articles claim is very close to the Cracked writers claim.

Blog Post 3: The Cure for Hangovers, Bacon!

I found a couple of articles disproving the myths by giving more details. In my article one myth is that there is not a cure for a hangover and they disprove that by saying a bacon sandwich is a cure and its been scientifically proven. “Bingeing on alcohol depletes brain neurotransmitters but bacon, which is rich in protein, contains amino acids that top these up and make you feel better,” explains Elin Roberts of Newcastle University – See more at:

Another article from, says that food doesn’t soak up alcohol but increases your metabolism to help deal with affects of alcohol.

The scientists are interested in the fact that something as simple as bacon can help cure a hangover just from the protein and water in it. The conversation seems civil, there doesn’t appear to be any conflict.

Blog Post 2: Drinking Logically

My cracked article didn’t relate back to an academic article. In the cracked article it talked about common myths people believe about drinking and it just gives examples disproving the myths. The article basically just uses logic to disprove the myths. It gives facts, talks about the scientific part of it, and tells us a thing or two rarely anybody knows. The writers are basically saying that the common myths of drinking can be disproved from their results. They didn’t really say what could not be determined from their results.

Blog post 1: Science Behind Drinking

The article I chose is “The 5 Most Ridiculous Drinking Myths You Probably Believe”. The article talks about the most commonly found myths about drinking and what the real reasons are behind the myths. I think the most common myth about drinking is drinking helps you sleep. This article interested me because I have heard all of these myths but never really knew the answers to them. So this sparked an interest of mine to learn the truth about the myths. I have personally thought that drinking could help someone sleep but apparently that’s not the case.