The Early Bird Catches the Worm but the Late Worm Does Not Get Eaten

In Ralph F. Berdie’s book, After High School– What? , he discusses who chooses to go to college and why they choose to do so. In this book, there is a chapter on high school seniors’ plans after they graduate. They also mentioned that parent attitudes toward college played a very important role in students’ decisions about attending college. A lot of my sources were similar to this book and I might use it as a central base for my paper.

I found a scanned copy of The Saturday Evening Post, which I thought was kind of cool. It emphasized the importance of college education in the U.S. Characteristics of students who should not go to college, significance of attending college, and the quality of college education in the country.

Another article from EBSCO Host discussed that students should go to college in order to succeed in society as an adult, but that students do not get the correct information about what is required to succeed in higher education. The author explains that the knowledge and skills that are taught in high schools are different from college entrance and placement requirements. It provided charts and diagrams that I found interesting like popular misconceptions about college versus realities.

I found an article that related most to one of my Cracked articles and it may potentially be helpful when I start writing my paper. It is the author’s belief that students should not have to feel pressure to go to college, and instead explore positive alternatives. The author suggests that a student takes a year after high school to travel or work.”

I know these aren’t too many sources but I changed the format in which I planned to write my paper, which changed the amount of sources that would be useful.

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