Better Late Than Never…

Working in the library was extremely frustrating. It was unhelpful to my research and only surfaced challenges. Being in the library had me like this:

When asked to find sources to present from the library, I thought it would be easiest to go online to the library’s website and find some articles to print off. I don’t know if I was in the wrong place or what but every time I thought I found something that could be useful, I hit a dead end and could not even open the document. After trying this a few times, I gave up and decided to find a book in the library, just like in the old days. So I adjusted my search on the library website to find sources in the main library (because that’s where I was) and even that took a minute. Once I got the call numbers, I headed upstairs in search of these books and I was on my own because nobody that works in the library hangs out up there. Long story short, I could not find any of the books because they were not where they were supposed to be. I ended up finding a few others that had to do with education but they mostly focused on high school or lower education, just so I had something to show for the day. After I presented these books, I just dropped them in the book return and left.

None of the sources I found from the library were helpful or essential to my research topic so I doubt I will be using any for my paper.

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