My Stack of Sources

1. Cracked  Article; what’s better than to go straight to where this whole research paper started. This article is mainly about environmental myths, but I singled out the one that interested me the most which is about global climate change. The article states that most people believe that since we experience winter that means climate change doesn’t exist, which is a myth. I’m probably going to quote this article simply because I like how the author responds to it.

2. Climate Impact of Increasing Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Article; this article looks at carbon dioxide levels throughout the years, which is extremely important to climate change studies since carbon is the main greenhouse gas causing the “warming”. It’s also full of good statistics!

3. Precise Monitoring of Global Temperature Trends from Satellites Article; this one also looks at changes in temperatures involving fluctuations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, however it has more current statistics and the satellites provide more accurate and detailed information.

4. Melting Ice Spurs Wild Weather Article; this article brings the jet stream into play. Talking about how because of the warming ice in the arctic is melting which is messing with the jet stream causing us the get hit my extreme weather.

5. Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast by David Archer; the book is split into three parts one being about the greenhouse effect, the other about the carbon cycle, and the last one about the forecast for global warming. It was a good find!

6. Global Warming: The Complete Briefing by John Houghton; this book is awesome. It has chapters on climates of the Earth’s past, the impact of climate change, and one about why we should be concerned. It also goes over topics seen in the last book I listed.

7. Global Warming: Myth or Reality? The Erring Ways of Climatology by Marcel Leroux; compared to my other two books this one goes into greater detail, it’s also twice as thick! It talks about the notions of global warming and the observational facts, besides the past climates.

8. Climate Change Might Just Be Driving the Historic Cold Snap Article; this article was included in the Cracked article and I thought it went nicely with my #4 source. It talks about the polar vortex that occurred a few months back and talks about the jet stream causing it.


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