This is the end

This has by far been the most extensive research paper I’ve ever done on one of the simplest topics. I’ve done research papers on clinical based practice for therapeutic modalities such as electrical stimulation that took less time and work than this one.



This makes more sense than a NBA scandal, now doesn’t it.


I thought i’d find evidence of the NBA choosing winners in an office somewhere behind closed doors. Instead, all the evidence was of referee biases towards specific teams or players. Now, the debate is whether the NBA has instructed referees to act this way. The phrase that stuck with me was “profitable biases” implying that these biases do, in fact, create some profit for the NBA. I also found it interesting that the NBA can deny trades, even if both teams agree on the terms.


As for the cracked article, I knew I wanted to some type of sports myth. I thought about steroids in baseball and really anything to do with the red sox. Then i saw a related article on the NBA being rigged. I’ve heard the rumors and kind of always suspected that its true. After all it is a business, and businesses must make money. It would only make sense that the NBA and every professional sport for that matter to be fixed in some way. They have to protect and ensure their assets to keep the business alive.




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