A picture speaks a thousand words

Blog post number 10, the final blog. Obviously since this is the last one I must give an entire recap of everything I have done for my research paper thus far. To start I think back to the first day when we were told to find a Cracked article that we would be spending the rest of our semester on (No pressure right?). To make this recap more interesting I am going to describe it through pictures.

imgres A computer: It all began when I sat down at a computer in the Edmon Low Library. I googled Cracked.com and started scrolling through articles. I found several interesting ones. For example one about the myths that surround Pirates, one that talked about myths in the dark ages, and the one I chose 6 Ridiculous Myths about the Middle Ages that Everyone believes. I’ll be honest it was a tough choice Pirates or Middle Ages, in the end I chose the Middle Ages because it would have more sources of information I could consult.


A Book: On our first library day I immediately searched for books pertaining to my topic because I wanted to leave as soon as possible. Also books are easier for me than computers. Computers and I don’t get along. Case and point, I am about to throw my laptop out the window because it won’t put the image where I want it to BE! Back to actual information. On that library trip I got two books, the one pictured above and Science in the Middle Ages. The book above has been the most helpful out of the two.


Another Book: On our next trip to the library I checked out this book, plus The Foundations of Science in the Middle Ages. In addition to checking out these books I also looked online for any sources specifically academic articles. I thought I should try since most of the blog post directions included talking about the academic articles we found. A survey of my sources: Books 6, academic articles 0. As it turns out no new life changing research is being done about the Middle Ages! *That was sarcasm* Having no academic articles is fine by me though because they are (to me) incredibly boring to read.




Low and Behold my journey continued with another book: This book I actually had to get from the architectural library. Yes they have their own personal library and yes anyone can check out books from it. This was not the first time I had checked out books from this library, last semester I had this crazy idea that I wanted to be an architect. That lasted about oh…3 weeks. I discovered that new buildings held no interest for me, old buildings though! They take my breath away especially Medieval Gothic Cathedrals. That is why I am including a paragraph on Gothic Cathedrals even though the Cracked writers do not use them as an example.

If you are keeping count you may notice that I have only mentioned 5 books thus far, well the last book I did not check out from the library I actually found it on JSTOR. It also talks about Gothic Cathedrals.


Now my final blog post is coming to an end and inside I am celebrating, until I remember I have to write the proposal and the paper and make the video…


Hehe yes I brought it back. You may be thinking, what is this obsession with this picture? Well I wrote a 10 page paper over Chartres Cathedral, so I am going to include it in as many things as I possibly can!


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