Well Nothing To Do Now But Write

The research project started out with me finding out we have to do a research paper a very in depth research paper. horror

My first thoughts were of horror—which is from the two research papers I wrote in high school.My teachers in high school were always very strict about having to do everything in class and in a certain way. I did not like doing everything in class because I just wanted to do it all at one time, so I wanted to be able to research at home as well. I also did not like that the teachers made all of us write in the same way. I do not like doing outlines or prewriting. I am much better at writing the paper all at one time and then going back, and fixing it. My high school teachers also always made us write in thesis sentence support topic sentence support. This made for very uncreative writing—which I am sure my papers are still uncreative because of this. My high school definitely shaped the way I think about research papers and writing in general which is I hate it. I am not very good at it either. pro

So when the project started I was dreading it. However, the paper has gone much better than I expected probably because the writing part has not started yet. Another thing that I always hated about research papers other than writing is the research part. It was always very hard for me to find good academic sources on my topics. However, again this has gone much better with this paper. This is probably because I have the OSU library databases to use. Now after my rant about how horrible research papers are I can talk about the process that I went through to do my research. I started off the process by selecting a topic of course. I searched Cracked.com just randomly clicking on articles that looked interesting to me. I finally clicked on 6 Ridiculous Myths about Stuff We Use Every Day. The number one myth is the one that caught my attention. It is the myth that microwaving/freezing plastic containers releases deadly toxins. I picked this because it is something that I have had to deal with my step dad never left us heat stuff up in plastic because he said it would kill us. I followed this up by looking into the linking listed in my article. Nowhere better to start then with the information used to write the article. From there I started researching on the OSU library databases, and the two I used were EBSCO and ProQuest. From there I found academic and popular magazine articles which I thought would be very helpful in my research. During the process or researching I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the sources that I had gathered.


This whole research paper experience has gone so much better than I thought it would. This time I have actually enjoyed doing the research to find out the facts behind my myth. This was probably helped by the fact that this is the first research paper that I have gotten to pick the topic, so that made the entire process more enjoyable because I actually wanted to know about the topic.

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