The Grand Finale

Researching for a project is not always a nice walk through the park. Just like myself, I think that most people have their moments of frustration and doubts when researching. 

When I first started my research I probably looked like a lost puppy. It always seems like one of the hardest parts in the process of researching is where you begin. “How can beginning a research project be hard when theres a whole web to surf?” One might ask. Well… it is not always as easy as pie. You can’t really just start searching, you first need to find a proper database to search from. Whereas the web is filled with lots of facts and helpful information, it also contains lies and misleading thoughts.

To be honest, I don’t find researching enjoyable, but I know that sometimes it’s just something I have to do. It can be very frustrating because I don’t always find the quality of information that I think I will need for my project. That was a problem that I can across this time around. I found a lot of articles that basically stated the same thing but in a different way. Or not all the sources I found could really relate back to the cracked article. I was not able to find many articles to prove both sides of the cracked article. All the sources I found pretty much seem to take on side. This is not always a bad thing, but for the sake of this project I am trying to portray both sides while making one of them a little more dominant. Also, whenever I am doing research I always feel like I am not doing it right. At this point I am still feeling like maybe I don’t have enough information.

Despite the problems and frustration I have come across, I am still trying to push through to do this research. First, I started by looking at the cracked article I choose to research more about.  I looked at the sources listed in the cracked article and read through those to understand the cracked article more. Then, I began researching on the library database and that is where I found majority of my sources. I have found quite a bit of information, but like I mentioned earlier I am not sure if it is “enough” information. I plan on doing a little more research on my own to get to the point where I can feel comfortable with the amount of research I have done.

I have found blogging to be helpful, because I was able to jot down information as well as read my classmates blogs. Even though the blogging hasn’t been that bad I am still glad this is the last one!!!


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