As If I Haven’t Told You Enough About My Sources.

“Annotated Bibliography”


Hahah.. okay okay, here it is for real though. 

Cracked Article:

Medline Plus Article:

Mayo Clinic Article:

PDF File:

  • JAMA Patient Page: Concussion(American Medical Association) – PDF.
  • it is explaining and backing up the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatments. Many of these sites are saying the same things about these areas of concussions. I am curious as to where the myth started more so now, because these sites are making it obvious that rest is key for a concussion. I mean, given the type of concussion. Obviously if there are massive serious symptoms like the pages discuss then seek medical help first but if you are just having a mild concussion at home that is treatable without medical help, then sleep.


CDC Government Official Page:

  • Now, since every concussion is different to each individual, they give TIPS  on how to treat a concussion to certain age groups. They acknowledge the differences between concussions: age, cause, symptoms, variation of time period for healing. They do determine that sleep and rest is quite the remedy for this traumatic brain injury. Sure it seems simple, but maybe that is just it. I mean it was a TRAUMATIC injury, maybe the opposite will help: the simplicity of sleeping.



EBSCO-Management strategies and medication use for treating pediatric patients with concussions:

Concussion-Assessment and -Management Techniques Used by Athletic Trainers:

The effects of rest and treatment following sport-related concussion:

Concussion care: Simple strategies, big payoffs:

Cognitive Rest: The Often Neglected Aspect of Concussion Management.

Current Recommendations for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Concussion in Sport: A Comparison of Three New Guidelines.

The effects of rest and treatment following sport-related concussion: a systematic review of the literature:


Only Kidding 🙂 


One thought on “As If I Haven’t Told You Enough About My Sources.

  1. I was impressed by all the information you gathered and the way you presented it in this blog. It was to the point and easy to follow. Also the pictures were great! They were a comic relief to the serious information about concussions.

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