Are We Done Yet?

The quest of knowledge is coming to an end. As this research blog comes to an end and we begin writing the paper that follows, it is time to review all of the sources I was able to dig up.

“So close I can feel it”

Beginning with the cracked article that started this headache.

“Five Facts Everyone Gets Wrong About Depression” written by Mark Hill

I used this article as a springboard for my research. Mark talked about 5 common facts that people get wrong about depression. (I fall into the I thought some of these were true)

“What is depression? What causes depression?” published on

I used this journal to help receive a better understanding of what being depressed means and what can cause depression.  It has help greatly since i know nothing really about depression as a disorder.


This was a study conducted to see what the long term effects of depression are and how they effect the individuals. I am using this study to see what depression does to a person’s mental and physical state.

” Been so sad for for so long”

“Influence of Life Stress on Depression: Moderation by a Polymorphism in the 5-Htt Gene” written by Terrie Moffitt

Looking into what life events can influence depression to form. How stressful life events can lead to depression.  I will be using this to show how certain things can also lead one to become depressed.

“Depression, chronic diseases, and decrements in health: results from the World Health Surveys” Published by the World Health Organization

This article talks about how depression is a public problem worldwide. This talks about how depression is not just effecting America but is other places across the world too. I will use this to show light on how depression effects people everyone.

With all of these articles, journals, and websites i was able to gather some quality information (hopefully will make writing the paper easy peasy) But given i will most likely be looking up some more just to add some girth to my paper.



One thought on “Are We Done Yet?

  1. The “so close I feel it” saying is no joke. I agonized over this blog post more than any other we have had to complete. Your research looks to be very thorough and well covered, wish you the best on your project.

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