This About Sums It Up


The first article that I found that would be helpful was an article posted from Johns Hopkins about if plastic releases deadly toxins. The article is from 2008 and is called Question and Answer: Bisphenol A and Plastics. The article is just questions that are answered by Johns Hopkins professors. The rest of my articles I got from searching the Oklahoma State University Library databases either ProQuest or EBSCO. I found a couple of articles I found from popular magazines which I thought would bring an interesting twist to my paper since popular magazines are where most people get their information. The first article is called New Alarm Bells About Chemicals and Cancer by The New York Times. It had a good quote in it that says, “The food industry has already been fighting legislation in the Senate backed by Dianne Feinstein of California that would ban bisphenol-A, commonly found in plastics and better known as BPA, from food and beverage containers”. The next article I found from a popular magazine is Does Plastic Pose Health Problems in the Microwave? And it is by The Wall Street Journal. It talks about the safest ways to microwave plastic which is by reading the warning label put on my manufacturer’s.The next article I have is Another article I found on ProQuest is called BPA Plastic Containers and Wraps Do Not Always Mix Well With Microwaves by Environmental Nutrition. The article talks about how plastic wrap can actually melt to food in the microwave, and this is why it should never come into contact with food.In the Problem With Plastic by US News and World Report. It talks about the problems with BPA leaching out into our food or from baby bottles. In Plastic Bottles-Another View that is written by Children’s Health Alert. The interesting thing about this article is that it says the FDA made a mistake in reviewing some studies that it made.


I then found the article Microwaving Food in Plastic: Dangerous or Not? from the Harvard’s Women’s Health Watch. This article tells how it is more likely for chemicals to leak out of plastics during the microwaving of fatty foods. The next article I found was from the original article by It is called Microwaving Plastic and it is by The American Cancer Society. This article talks about the e-mail that was originally sent out to start the entire microwaving plastic released deadly chemicals debate. The article then goes on to talk about the facts behind the e-mail. All of this pertains to my investigation because they are all talking about the warning of plastic leaking into food and how to properly microwave food using plastic. Most of my articles have gone against the article, and says that chemicals do leak out of plastic. However, most of them say that if you read the warning label on plastic then it should be alright to use them in the microwave as long as the manufacturer says that it is ok.

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