What is this library you speak of??

I enjoy coming to the library to do my research because it eliminates the distractions of my room. Being on OSU’s internet allows for me to use my preferred search engine of Google scholar to get reliable sources. When i do decide to use the library’s databases i use either Proquest or Ebsco.



After looking back and rereading my sources I feel like i have a better sense about my topic of depression. They all provide well sought through information. They may not be the most interesting things to read through especially given my topic. As a whole though they are providing  the information i need.

“Give it to me! Give me the information i need!”

With the sources i know I will be able to direct my research with the angle i would like.  Finding research done on the topic and studies conducted has been easy, but they always seem to be more specific on gender or age. Where i am aiming for generalization of the topic.




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