So maybe I have been a bit bitter about this whole thing. Let me explain.

Well, the library. Where to begin.

I think the library is awful. No, but seriously. I get way overwhelmed. Think about it, five floors swamped with books and materials I am not fond of. I read on, let’s be honest, an eighth grade level or at least that is what I like to read at. It is just not my cup of tea (well I don’t like tea either). 


Perfect example, to some this picture is spot on… to me… dead wrong. 🙂 

Now, the library IS helpful in a few ways. For example, learning about the databases no matter how distracted I got, was actually helpful. I don’t know how to research and that lesson at least gave me a reliable way to find sources. I genuinely appreciate that. That is how the library has helped me in this process. I do not want to have to go and find books out of thousands there then look through the thousands of pages. So these databases help. Learning how to use these databases was challenging in a way because it was new, I just felt like should have already known this process however it was very foreign. I knew searching would be hard, simple because it is not something I like or want to do or have had much practice at. Still, learning briefly about the databases and doing these posts has helped immensely and I am no longer worried about writing this paper (no matter how much I have complained or been sarcastic in my previous posts).

However, the resources I have obtained through searching the databases and doing these posts I believe are very helpful and interesting, only because I skipped over the boring ones and got straight to the point. I feel like these sources I have will give a clearer statement on concussions and the sleeping treatment for them.

These are two articles, both from blog post 6, I am really proud of and will  probably be the majority of my argument and explanation:

  • This article deals with the effects of rest and treatment following sport-related concussion. The abstract discusses how the rest period after a concussion can be beneficial but there is other treatment to consider and also rest may not always be the best in some cases. I feel like there will not be a clear answer to my question I am trying to answer. Kind of like my biology labs. The thing that is difficult is that each concussion for someone is different. No two are the same and they practically all have to be treated differently based on the cause of the concussion, the diagnosis of concussion, and various other conditions.
  • Am article I found on the EBSCO database was: Cognitive Rest: The Often Neglected Aspect of Concussion Management. PERFECT.  Literally the abstract was perfect, I am looking to know this information so this is wonderful, just hope the full text is just as good…

Now these create the two points I want to make: each concussion needs a different evaluation and treatment and also sleep is a good remedy for quite a few types of concussion, still, there are many factors to include into the evaluation that effect the sleeping treatment.

Now I understand this may be boring, becuase trust me, at first I thought the same. After doing a slight amount of research and I mean actually researching and reading, it became interesting. I am proud of this work! 🙂


Since I have good articles about my main points, these shape my paper very well. I went into research narrow minded and not wanting to search but one thing and these articles along with the others have expanded the topic and given it a better answer than a yes or no, but instead an explanation and understanding. Sorry to leave you on a serious note, but that’s all folks. 😉


Now you knew I wasn’t serious about leaving on a serious note, right? 🙂


2 thoughts on “So maybe I have been a bit bitter about this whole thing. Let me explain.

  1. I really enjoyed the way you wrote this post. It was simultaneously informative and entertaining. The pictures you used seemed well thought out and really added to the post in a positive way.

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