Going on a Book Hunt

Any one person could walk into the library in search of something and then want to walk straight out. Which is exactly how I felt when given the task to find sources there. There’s thousands of books on five floors with only a piece a paper and some numbers as a guide. However, I actually liked the challenge. Although I’ll never completely understand how they organize their books, for some reason the Global Warming  topic is split between the 2nd floor and the basement.


In my search I found three books that I’m pretty darn proud of. One goes into detail about whether it’s  myth or reality, another talks about why we should be concerned and strategies that should slow and stabilize climate change, and the last one has a whole part pertaining to the carbon cycle! I feel like such a nerd because, to me, this stuff is so interesting. I mean, it’s the fate of our world we’re talking about here!

They all support my thesis, although sometimes I forget that my thesis isn’t denying that global climate change exists, it’s merely stating that we’ll still have winter with slowly increasing temperatures. Yet it doesn’t hurt to dig a little deeper in my research and go beyond the Cracked article.  I have to say, I’m  pretty excited to pull everything I’ve found together for my final project.


One thought on “Going on a Book Hunt

  1. Props to finding a book tat relates to your topic. I know if I had to start searching for books in the library I would lose hope quickly. Your post are always well written and informative. Good luck going further in your research and paper!

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