So What Is Going On In The World?

Searching for sources in the library was not a lot different then searching from my room. Since I live on campus I have access to the library from my room—which is probably why it was not that different. When I was going into the library to search I knew that there would not be any books on my topic since I had searched before I went in there.


So the only difficulty I had was finding a computer, and making sure it was printing to the printer next to me. The sources that I found were very helpful while I found them interesting because I am very interested in my topic I am not so sure someone else would. The three sources that I choose for this blog post were all from popular magazines. Such as the article from The Wall Street Journal which I talked about in one of my previous posts. My other two articles which I have also previously talked about in blog posts are from US News and World Report and Environmental Nutrition. What I like about the popular magazines are that they give another point of view from the academic articles. Most people do not sit around reading academic articles all day, so this is the information they are getting. So I think that it will be interesting to have the information that people are reading in my paper. These articles seem to go along with what other articles are saying in that people should read the warning labels on plastics before they microwave their food. Most of my articles go against my article.

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