Making the Most of Edmon’s Paper Supply

When researching in the library, I did not change much of my habits. I logged onto the computer and continue to dive into the databases. The sources I found while in the Library though have been very interesting and important. Including two government documents and a case study of Drones being used in Canada. While on the Library computers I was looking for books using the Database, but failed to find a book that related back to my topic. I did take the time in the print off 30 page articles because I am in college and can’t afford ink or the paper for my printer I think this is simply because Drone use in the United States is a new controversy.

The sources I stumbled upon in the Library are very helpful because they are government documents. One source is from a Supreme Court hearing discussing the legality of drone usage, and the other explains how using drones in the US could be very difficult. These two will help mold my own thesis and which side of the road I stand on. If the Supreme Court document explains the exact legality of the Drone usage in American Skies, against American people it will be very tough to argue against their rulings. The Article though still shows a grey area in the legislation and use.

The controversy rages on as many people see both sides of the argument. Another Article about Surveillance of the American people explains how drones turn humans/civilians into targets against the government. The use of the Drones in America only gives the government more control and power.

Searching in the Library has given me many angles to pursue and crack the myth from the original article, that the average drone pilot can be a spy.

One thought on “Making the Most of Edmon’s Paper Supply

  1. I agree that searching in the library was not much different then if you were to search at home. It seems like you have found good sources that will help you with your project!

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