Blog Post 8: Locating Sources

I thought searching In the library was easy and helpful. It was easy to concentrate and easy to search though articles on the library database. The only challenge I had was that I would find tan article that I could potentially use and then it would take me to a different website and not show me a summary or abstract. I knew going into it that searching for articles is a process but the library database has made it easier. In high school when I had to write a research paper, it was much more difficult to find helpful sources. It was a long and drawn out process.
I was able to find about 5 or 6 quality sources that were really interesting and helpful.
I found articles about how alcohol leads to addiction and alcohol abuse. They go into science behind alcohol and what ingredients do what to your body. I found articles that talk about some myths and facts about alcohol addiction and abuse as well.
These sources help shape my project a lot. I didn’t have many sources or much information until I expanded my search and found more information. They contradicted my hypothesis and it helped expand my project.


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