Here’s Ollie with the Weather


Back in my fifth post I actually went into detail about the article I really liked that I found on the library database, so I’m just going to requote what I said to give an idea. The article is called Melting Ice Spurs Wild Weather.

It talks about the dramatic weather changes recently like the drought in 2012. The cause? The jet-stream; the same cause for the “Polar Vortex” that hit us hard a few weeks ago. Now you might be asking, what does the jet-stream have to do with climate change? Well it turns out the Arctic sea-ice retreat alter large-scale atmospheric circulation patterns.

Now, this only slightly contradicts my claim because these drastic changes only happen in short spurts and don’t effect long term climate change. I just thought it was very intriguing that geology can also be a big part of meteorology too!

The author comes to this conclusion by using SCIENCE! Basically, the researcher compared various meteorological records with satellite observations of snow and ice. Comparing this to the Cracked article; no this does not mean that it cancels winter, in fact it made our winter Hell this year. But I said it “slightly” contradicts because it also effects our summers, causing droughts.

Seriously though, just take in the fact that some ice melting in the north can cause random, short-bursts of chaos for the rest of the world. Now that’s something to think about.

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