Hidden Variables

For Blog Post 5, I only named one article that would work for this. However, I was able to find some information from the articles I found in the library on Friday. The article is titled “Food Policy” and was written by David Coley, Mark Howard, and Michael Winter.

In the introduction, the article explains the concepts of “local food” and “food miles.” Local food is the food that is grown within about a 100 mile radius of the consumers, while food miles is the amount of miles it takes to get the food to the consumer.

The next paragraph talks about “Traffic, shopping and home delivery studies.” It shows a study of the travel of food and non-food and how much it does to the environment. It talks about the shopping miles that go into basic grocery shopping. The average car/van driver traveled per person per year is 400 km for non-food and 290 km for food. This doesn’t really help we with my topic as I am trying to find evidence to back up my article saying that local food is not much better for the environment than imported food.


In the conclusion paragraph, the writers make their final point by talking about how the average person is not going to take into account all these different variables and such. However, the debate has grabbed more attention with the concept of food miles and has caused a lot more research to happen over this topic. But this article does not show much evidence that eating local food is not better than imported food.

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