When we were in the library on Friday, I was reminded of high school. Every year, we would go to the library and the librarian would show us how to find sources. EBSCO Host was one of them so finding articles through the databases was pretty easy. By the way, did it bother anyone else that she kept spelling ‘Hurricane’ without the e, or was it just me?

The first article I found was a scanned copy of The Saturday Evening Post, which I thought was kind of cool. It emphasized the importance of college education in the U.S. Characteristics of students who should not go to college, significance of attending college, and the quality of college education in the country. (I pulled that from the abstract)

The second article I found on EBSCO discussed that students should go to college in order to succeed in society as an adult, but that students do not get the correct information about what is required to succeed in higher education. The author explains that the knowledge and skills that are taught in high schools are different from college entrance and placement requirements. It provided charts and diagrams that I found interesting like popular misconceptions about college versus realities.

The third article I found related most to one of my Cracked articles and it may potentially be helpful when I start writing my paper. “The author discusses his belief that sometimes students should not go to college right after they graduate high school. The author points out that there are times when students either drop out of college in their first year, or they switch to a community college closer to home. It is the author’s belief that students should not have to feel pressure to go to college, and instead explore positive alternatives. The author suggests that a student takes a year after high school to travel or work.”

Steven Seagal - Penicillin  found that in my gap year

So far, it seems that most of my sources contain the same information so I’m starting to wonder if I have enough to write a paper. I’m trying to find more information about the factors that effect students’ choice to attend college such as expenses, authority influences, etc. So that’s where my research is headed.

One thought on “Polo

  1. I like what you’re researching. I find myself questioning whether I like being in college right now or not. But, to have a gap year is out of the question for me. And the whole “go to college to get a good paying job” bugs me because there’s people on Youtube who make millions from just getting video views. Most of them didn’t even finish college. It really makes you question things.

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