Caught my attention

The source that I found the most interesting was one that had to do with the general aspect of what piercings were, “Body Modification & Fashion” by Keshawn Willard. It caught my attention because it uses pictures to illustrate what/where the piercings look like as well as a description of them. One example of a piercing would look like this:

lip piercing example

Not only that, but they also included a picture of a girl with her tongue split in two because apparently that’s what is in these days (it was too gross to put a picture up).

The article gave main examples of what different piercings were and I found this useful for my research paper because I could use it to explain the different types of piercings that could potentially cause harm to ones health.

One thought on “Caught my attention

  1. Your topic has taken an interesting turn. I like how you decided to include piercings and tattoos in your research for your paper! It definitely caught my attention because I have my tongue pierced. ;P

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