I blame my genes

Looking closer at an academic article I found this past Friday, It talks about how emotional stress can lead to depression. This study specifically talks about depression’s and stress’s effect on college students.

“So much to do, so little time”

The writer is not saying that of you are stressed you will end up suffering from depression. No they are saying that stress along with a history of depression can possibly lead to developing depression.

History of depression

With this study the researchers did a 30 day study with college students to see their perceived stress and its positive and negative effect. They noticed that the ones effected most were the people with no history of depression.

Comparing this article to my original one from cracked.com. The cracked article just talks about the myths associated with depression. Where as this one (and most of my other articles) talk about studies done over depression. Cracked.com was mostly a springboard for the research i wanted to do, nothing more or less honestly.


One thought on “I blame my genes

  1. Your blog post is really interesting. It’s scary to think that having a history of family depression makes you more vulnerable to depression. I also enjoyed your incorporation of images into your blog post.

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