A Summation of the Past

When looking back at blog post 5 there were two articles that I talked about. In this blog post I will only be focusing on one which is “Milk Consumption and Bone Health.” When I found this article from the library database, I only skimmed through the article and read the main points. However, this time I was able to read the article and found more helpful information!

This article talks about one aspect of bone health in particular: osteoporosis. The article states that, “Increasing peak bone mass early in life and reducing bone loss later in life are 2 approaches for reducing risk of osteoporosis” (Milk Consumption and Bone Health). The author of the article states a very important piece of information, that milk has been a known strategy for improving optimal peak bone mass. The second paragraph of the article provides evidence to support the claim the author is trying to make. This evidence includes physiological perspectives, including structure-function relationships, homeostatic regulation of serum cations, and bone balance. This paragraph is basically stating that calcium is the most abundant mineral in bones and that milk contains calcium as well other minerals that are beneficial to bones and bone health. The article provides information about studies from Feskanich and colleagues. For example, Feskanich stated that, “…milk intake during teenage years was associated with an increased risk of adult hip fracture inmen (albeit borderline), but not women, in 2 prospective cohort studies” (Milk Consumption and Bone Health). 

All in all this article is very interesting, because it is opposite from the cracked article. The cracked article claims that the fact that milk is good for your bones is a myth. This article is stating that milk actually provides a lot of important minerals that benefit bones and that milk intake links to reducing the risk or osteoporosis. This article is interesting to me because it backs up what I have learned since I was a child, that milk is indeed good for your bones. This is definitely an article that I will use in my research project.


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