Assistance from the Sky

I choose to take a closer look into Police Drones: Legal Studies Case Study  too look into what rights the government could potential be taking away from the citizens in the United States. Benjamin Neil  tries to bring the disregard of the 4th Amendment rights to the light, as he explains a situation when a drone(UAV) was used to affect an arrest. The author is looking to find the legality of the new situation and the shift in technology used by the police in North Dakota.


Could new Legislation be coming  regarding Drone Use?

The Author discusses the rights granted by the fourth amendment, unreasonable search and seizure, to show how this new wave of technology could put the constitutional right in jeopardy. The case in question by the author shows how a drone was used to find the location of a man who was hiding on his own land. The police department barrowed the drone from the federal government. The author continues to explain that since no precedent has ever been set in this type of case, it is hard to understand the legality of the operation or the use of Drones for local police units.

Spying.. on accident?

The kinda comparison

The Article explains how the drone pilots could become an incidental violator of privacy while flying the drones over residential areas. This situation where police use the drones to find someone hiding from police on his land is very different. The police use the drone to fish out someone they suspected for a crime, they did not incidentally fly over and see the man. the key frustration with the general population is the incidental invasion of privacy the police could trip over, and if something illegal were to be occurring on private property near a investigated crime those constituents are not protected by the fourth amendment.

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