Questioning Imported Food

I started off my search for articles on my research topic of the true benefits of eating locally grown food or imported food on the Edmon Low Library website. First, I searched the words “eating locally” on ProQuest and I got more than 700 results. I looked through the first few pages of results and I really couldn’t find anything that seemed relative to the topic I am researching. So, I tried searching “is eating locally better” and that seemed to narrow down the results quite a bit. I decided to investigate the second article on the list of results which was titled “Which is Better: Locally Grown Produce That Might Not Be Organic or Imported Certified Organic Produce?”

Upon opening up the article, I quickly found that this article would be very limited on its ability to provide me with adequate research for my topic. The article only consists of a person asking a question about whether it is better to eat imported organic food or locally grown non-organic food. The main point that the answerer states is that an ideal world would allow for organic food to be eaten everywhere, year round. Of course that is highly impossible with all the extreme climates around the world that don’t allow for adequate food growing. This goes completely against my Cracked article.

I found some more articles about eating locally, however they are not supportive of my claim. I’ve found that searching the words “food miles” is a much better way to find more articles about the topic, rather than searching “eating locally.”

One thought on “Questioning Imported Food

  1. Since moving here to Stillwater, I have been trying a lot harder to eat food that is organic or just better for you in general. I can’t remember where I saw this, but I remember seeing somewhere that coffee that is grown in closer or smaller farms are likely to be more organic than those that are certified organic, because if these small business are unable to afford the certification, it is unlikely that they could purchase the chemicals that would make something borderline inorganic.

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