Daunting Databases, the Sequel

The daunting Databases, have haunted my first semester in college, from a professor almost laughing at my rough draft to downloading, almost 1 million pdf files now. The world of research has been redefined since I started school here in Stillwater. Using Databases that collect hundreds of thousands of research articles, and trying narrow down my results of “Drones and Spying” has had ripping out my hair.

The process is challenging and time consuming. Trying to find the exact article to fit the needs of my paper can be difficult. That being said, I have been able to find sources and the articles I have found will help define my thesis. The discipline of Drone uses I am looking into is a relatively new controversy. Drone Pilots have said they have the ability to unintentionally invade on the private lives of people while they stalk an enemy, fly on reconnaissance missions, etc. Finding many scholarly research articles on this new issue has been difficult.


The Dream Starts Here…

The best results I received from my search came from ProQuest. I found three very solid articles about Police Drones, Fourth Amendment Rights in the United States, and The President’s opinions on Drones used in the Middle East. I tried to use both Jstor and Ebsco Host, but neither yielded any articles I deemed important at the time. With my future research I think it is important to find the opinions of government officials. I will especially look into the opinion of governors in each state to see how they feel about the rising issue.

My research using the Library Databases has led to a refined image of my own paper. I am now looking into the issues behind of invading privacy of American Citizens as it pertains to the Fourth Amendment. I think the skills we were shown in the Library lecture helped, but also complicated some issues when searching through the certain databases. I hope to work through the confusion and make getting very refined searches in the future.

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2 thoughts on “Daunting Databases, the Sequel

  1. I was struggling trying to find some really good articles as well with EBSCO, so now I am interested to maybe try and find some other articles from sites like ProQuest. Thanks for pointing that out, I have always been narrow-minded when it comes to databases.

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