Deploy Lifesaving Device I’m Drowning In Research!

Databases can either be your savior when it comes to research or it can be your worst nightmare.


In my situation it turned out to be a headache more than anything.

“Make the  pain go away! Just make it stop!”

Depression is kinda a broad topic and  difficult (for the most to narrow down)(well at least in my case). Unless you are looking in to specific genders, age groups or races depression is not the easiest thing to research. For my paper i plan on focusing more on the effects of depression and the disorder as a whole. So after reading through what seemed like a million and article abstracts, i was able to find some that had what i was looking for.

“insert victory dance” I got what i was looking for!

Proquest gave me this article that talks about the generalization of clinical of depression. This study will come in handy for my paper because it gives me actual insight on how people are diagnosed for depression. It also just helps me see how depression as a whole can affect individuals.

Though the library databases are helpful and provide several options. I found an informative article using google scholar. The article is about a longitudinal study over the long term effects of suffering from depression.

“A Whole New World!”

I was able to find another helpful article while browsing proquest. In this article it also talks about the long-term effects but mentions the self perceived stress these individuals place on themselves.

With all that i have researched and found i think i am receiving a better understanding of depression as a disease not just a cop-out for feeling sad. I think with all i have found i will be able to get my point across that depression can affect anyone at any point during ones life. I hope i will also be able to offer ways for people to be able to coop with depression if they suffer from it and be willing to seek out help if needed.

2 thoughts on “Deploy Lifesaving Device I’m Drowning In Research!

  1. I also commented on your post 5. I like how on post 6 you made your Dalek picture super huge. I also like the way you organized your post, starting off funny then talking about the information you found.

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