NOW it is becoming and arguable topic with interest for me.

So by now, I am exhausted just reading about concussions all the time. To be honest, I do not have as much of an interest in them as maybe others do. I think it is interesting, but I am a Human Development and Family Science major, not biology or sports or medical.

This is how I feel.

How is this relevant to me? I am not sure, but it is interesting and I will be happy to write about it.

With that being said, I went back to my 6th post and looked at my third article I found more closely. Since, it seemed like the closest thing to what I am trying to investigate. I went on reading this journal from Athletic Therapy Today.

The article is determining the importance of all kinds of rest but especially cognitive rest for student athletes. The authors break their research up into three sections between their introduction and conclusion: What is Cognitive Rest? Communication. Considerations for Return to School and Sports. It is brilliantly written, like the normal 5 paragraph paper we were taught to write in high school. Which may be why is it easier to read.

Hahahaha.. come on, we all used it, and sometimes still do. 

I like what it had to say concerning the type of concussion involving an athlete who is also student with many academic obligations as well as sports obligations. It discussed how many times, we tend to observe that the athlete needs rest from the sport but not their schooling which causes more pressure on neurometabolic demand, which is already what your brain is going through after a concussion.

So, we can clearly conclude that not only should the student athlete with a concussion take a break from the sports, but also the schooling aspect and other things that the articles describes which show a significant amount of neurometabolic demand.

Another brilliant point they made goes like this, which is probably going to be a main point in the research paper: “The key issue is the need for individualized assessment, management, and monitoring of cognitive exertion tolerance over time.” Perfect. That is what I have found, each individual is different and so is each concussion even within an individual who has had a concussion before since there are so many aspects that come into play with these things.

The Cracked article just was vague about rest after concussions. It is not that the article was wrong just not specific enough to argue against. I am simply looking more deeply into the treatment of concussions. Rest is proven to not be bad for those who are concussed. However, the type and amount of rest does differ for every concussion.


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