Searching for Sources

Searching for sources definitely isn’t my forte, however, when the time comes to write a paper, any type of information is gladly taken. My current experience in attempting to find an article or book over my topic was somewhat of a tedious process:

  1. Walk to my floor lounge
  2. Open up my laptop
  3. Connect to the school wifi (which in my case took FOREVER since Drummond wifi doesn’t work from the pleasure of my room)
  4. Look up my Cracked artice topic
  5. Open up the OSU Libaray database
    -Now here’s where I begin to stress out and want to pull my hair out-
  6. Search: health affected by piercings—-> No results
    Search: piercings affect health—-> No results
    Search: health and piercings—-> No results
    Search: (anything that had to do with health and piercings or just piercings
    in general)—->NOTHING

What I felt like doing to my laptop after the 849132849th time it told me there weren’t any results.

This was a continuous process that left me hopeless in the end.

Asked to find sources today at the library was not only difficult but also a hassle. As I wondered around the library database as well as the library itself, I found myself asking the question, “What am I really looking for?” Since the library database wasn’t my number one choice I went over to a librarian and she helped me out with finding a book that was related to my topic. 

After searching for my topic I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to specifically find one over the affects of having a facial piercing that could potentially damage your health, so I looked up just the word piercing and there I had about 90 books that were related to my search. I found an article on EBSCO host that introduces the style of having facial piercings as well as tattoos. I think having tattoos in my research paper is essential because not only does it fit in well with the aspect of “changing” your body but they also go hand in hand. That’s why I got a primary source about Kat Von D and her lifestyle: her book, High Voltage Tattoo.

There are also two books that I was looking for, however one was lost somewhere in the library and the other was in the Veterinary Medicine Library so I’m gradually continuing my search for sources.

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