Blog Post #5: Script for Database Informercial/ How I Found Sources

When I first started using the Library Database search program, I was very impressed. It is so easy to use, and being able to filter through categories as simple as it was made a huge difference. Having done research papers in the past without any training towards how to use a database, I can tell that it is going to make searching for sources much less complicated than being thrown into a library and told “go”. I was able to find tons of material related to my topic in minutes. The only problem I had was that, after finding one source and accidentally closing the page, it was near impossible to find it again. Of course, that’s my fault for not writing down what the title was.

The sources that I found seem like they are going to be extremely helpful to my paper. I searched primarily for academic articles, since my Cracked article had none cited. The sources all seem like they will be very helpful in the long run, but, as is almost any economic article, they are extremely boring to read. But that’s the challenge I set for myself, right? To accept the most boring and challenging topic and make it interesting? (What is wrong with me…)

The sources, with such captivating titles as “The Role of China in the U.S. Debt Crisis”, “China Buys Up U.S. Debt”, and the (actually interesting sounding) “Debt Crisis and Candy Cigarettes”, are filled with promising info about why China is currently buying U.S. debt and what may come of it in the future. Interestingly enough, it seems like they may not be in full support of the ideas put forth by Cracked. Only time will tell!


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