Diving Into the Database (Reappraised)

Searching the library database can sometimes be very useful, or other times can just leave you empty handed. Luckily, my past experience with searching the library database worked out very well. When I first searched the database I can across many different sources. Some sources I found to be very interesting and helpful, and others I was left thinking how in the world does this pertain to my topic? However, I was lucky enough to find a good amount of sources that really back up my topic and have a good quality of information.

One source that really caught my eye was titled “Milk Consumption and Bone Health.” I really liked how this source was very straight forward, because it made it easy to sort through the plethora of  information. Also, this source was just a basic article so I was pretty use to the writing style which also made the search for information easy. Aside from traditional articles I found an eBook that was actually really interesting and will without a doubt be able to help me with my research project. The eBook was called “Milk Matters: for strong bones, for lifelong health.” I like this source because its not just a traditional article, but instead has pictures and sets up the information in a different way. Unfortunately, I was unable to add pictures from the eBook onto this blog post,  but feel free to visit the link above to see those!

I think that the sources I found from the library database will be able to help shape my project. I found a good amount of information from the sources that I will be able to use. Each source has a different angle as well, which kind of makes things more interesting when trying to find information. I particularly like the eBook that I came across because it provides charts and pictures that I will be able to use as well as information. In terms of my hypothesis, many of these sources supported it. Other articles may have challenged it a bit, but in my opinion that just makes things more interesting. Overall, I am very pleased with my experience with searching the library database!


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