“Another foul called on the NBA”

The first article that I stumbled upon while searching the library’s databases is called “Another Foul on the NBA”. The article talks about the recent troubles the NBA has been facing, including Donaghey scandal, the worst TV ratings in history, as well as overall fan interest declining. It was a little difficult finding new articles since I have already found a couple sources off of the database. I have done many research projects and I always use the library databases, it was exactly what I expected. Most of the sources I find on the databases are newspaper articles about the NBA going-ons. These aren’t as helpful as a research study, but are still useful to add to the paper. I plan on using some of the newspaper articles to introduce a topic within the topic (such as the scandal, or referee biases) and then back it with results of the research studies. I plan on using articles that help prove and also disagree with my hypothesis. Its never good to just ignore the other side. Research has shown me theres much more to my topic than originally thought. I have a couple of different ways I could take it; I just have to pick which one.


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