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Due to the topic of my over all paper searching the library’s database is not the easiest thing to do. My topic is not the easiest to narrow enough to just get a few post to have to look at. I also noticed that while looking through articles; most of them also had themes like the elderly, certain ethnics, or age groups. Nothing that i am searching for, mine is more general and depression as a whole.

Sometimes databases just seem to be too much

Despite all that i was able to find a few articles that had what i was looking for. In this one it talks about the generalization of clinical symptoms of depression. It talks of a study done that links the symptoms to the actual diagnoses of the disorder and some of the effects that lead up to to. This seems to be helpful because it gives me an insight on how depression can affect the individuals.


This next article I didn’t find using the library but rather using google scholar. It is a PDF file of an academic article. This article is of a longitudinal study over the long term effects of ¬†depression on an individual. This helps me not just focus on the effects of depression at the beginning but how if untreated it can affect your life.

When in doubt go somewhere else

Using proquest i also found a article that helps give me an insight as well on the long tern effects of depression on people. It also talks about the self-perceived stress that one puts on themself while dealing with depression.

With all these articles i think i’m receiving a better understanding of depression as a disease and not just a cop-out for feeling sad. These will help me be able to get my point across that depression can affect anyone at any point during their life. Hopefully also be able to tell others how to cope with it and seek out help when they feel they need it.

Depression is nothing to joke about and is a serious problem among individuals

3 thoughts on “Headache loading please wait……..

  1. This is an awesome post! Good job on the pictures and finding awesome articles to such a broad topic. I agree about using the databases, it is hard to take a broad topic and narrow it to what you are wanting to talk about, but I do love how it is showing me what aspects I haven’t thought about can help me in my paper.

  2. I love your pictures, especially the second one! I also like the way you talked about how you are going to use each article in your paper.

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