Databases: Back to those elementary school days where you fall asleep when they try to tell you about.. well.. the library.

Here’s five articles on concussions from the EBSCO database:

The first article I found semi helpful was about the management of the concussions. The abstract may not have said much about the sleeping aspect which is what I am investigating, but instead it covered what doctors are using to treat concussions, so this could help compare what treatments work the best with which kind of concussions.

The second was about how athletic trainers assess concussions in their players, also another good way to compare different treatments and what works for each type of concussion.

The third deals with the effects of the rest and treatment following a concussion, which is (from what I can tell) exactly what I am wanting to know.

The forth is about the simple strategies for concussions in people. Giving inside on what is the simplest may help determine how to treat the concussion, like maybe the simple concept of sleep is within this article. I would like to read into this one to see, how simple it really can be.

And FINALLY, the fifth article I found on the EBSCO database was: Cognitive Rest: The Often Neglected Aspect of Concussion Management. PERFECT.  Literally the abstract was perfect, I am looking to know this information so this is wonderful, just hope the full text is just as good…

Using the database isn’t too hard, I mean I am sure I am using it in a very narrow way, not with all of the tricks and sources available, but I am getting good information I think so I am proud and okay with using this source of finding information. It is irritating how many unrelated things in my searches but then I usually find something good, so no worries, just having to learn how to search and pick our the good ones. This is a good exercise for it too!

It got easier as I searched and read the abstracts, it became easier to see what I needed to type in to search what I was/am really looking for. *Reminder to myself to look up the bad effects of sleeping too much, after a concussion.*

I also did not add pictures because I am tired and too lazy to Google more things about concussions. Maybe next time, sorry this is just boring text but there ya go. Enjoy.

And one more thing, let’s be honest.. Using the database is not fun. Research in and of itself is not my favorite thing to do. I am learning, but also feel like I am back in middle school sitting in the library wondering what is for lunch instead of listening to the librarian teach me so pretty important stuff (that I didn’t know would be important until now..)

2 thoughts on “Databases: Back to those elementary school days where you fall asleep when they try to tell you about.. well.. the library.

  1. Like how you implemented all of the articles you found. Helps me determine what databases I should choose and what to narrow down to. Also helped me find what kind of articles to use

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