Blog Post 5

Throughout High School finding a source used to be too easy.  If I had a paper and had to find a source the teacher literally accepted anything besides sources from Wikipedia.  Now as professors look for more academically supportive articles it has been much more difficult to find articles to use.  The downside of this is the fact that you cant just type anything into google and expect to get away with using it as your source.  The upside to having to find academic articles is that the sources that you actually do find are very good sources and can really help back up any claims found to support your argument.  I found many sources but very few that directly related to my subject when searching using academic articles.  Most of the ones I found were dull or not specifically what I was looking for.  However I did find a few articles from jstor and google scholar. 




One thought on “Blog Post 5

  1. The transition was real tough into college when it came time for research. First semester, one of my instructors asked me about my academic journals and I had no idea what he was even talking about. Once I finally found a real Academic Reviewed Journal I started to have flashbacks to the ACT. I wish the world was simple and Wikipedia was real thing in college.

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