Daunting Databases

The process of searching the daunting databases is always kind of tough. I seem to restrict myself to the first few pages of the results from the search. I have started to see the dispute on drones to become more relevant when they are considered for domestic use. I think approaching the topic through the concern of spying will help narrow down the results I get. I guess research involves much more patience than I truly understood before coming to school this year. I find it very challenging to go through all of the results trying to find the article with just the evidence to support my thesis.

I have been surprised with the amount of sources I could find talking about the topic, Drone Controversy is a relatively new area of discussion and having multiple journals and academic reviewed entries gave me a reborn confidence in the topic for my paper, I had begun to worry. I am really interested in the politics of the use of drones, both foreign and domestically. I think the way the government wants to use the technology is very different and can be seem radical to many, the divide between the government and people is interesting.

One source is I found, Police Drones, is very compelling because it can give the police to investigate a crime from a new angle and deploy the Drone as soon as a call is made. It is affecting how the police can make arrest, and people argue this development is a encroachment on their privacy.

The largest backlash against the drones is the argument of the invasion of privacy, or every American’s 4th Amendment right which is touched on in,  DEADLY DRONES, DUE PROCESS, AND THE FOURTH AMENDMENT, the authors touch on the rising insecurity of the private lives of citizens from the government.

One area I was looking for from the voice of President Barack Obama on the future of using Police Drones, I found several articles including, Obama Defends Drone Use, that state he supports the way he and the military use the drones in conflict. If I had quotes from the President I think my research would have a firm argument, one way or the other.

I think my research has led to a refined look at research, while I am still searching for some opinions on the matter, I think I have gained focus on the issue of defending the 4th amendment rights of the people in the United States.

One thought on “Daunting Databases

  1. Like your info and the implementation of pictures, keeps reader interested. I’m also still trying to refine my research but am learning new things about the subject as I go along

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