Does Know What Is True?

In my article I found a link which took me to the American Cancer Society. This article talks first about the e-mail and then it talks about the facts behind the e-mail. The article says that the e-mail was sent out supposedly based on Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Fujimoto, and Walter Reed Army Medical Center. As I said in my second blog post Johns Hopkins University sent out a press release saying they did  not have anything to do with this e-mail. The e-mail talked about the warning of heating plastic in the microwave or freezing water in plastic bottles releases toxins, like dioxin and DEHA.

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The American Cancer Society then starts to talk about the facts behind the e-mail. The American Cancer Society says, “The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on its Web site does say substances used to make plastics can leach into foods. But the agency has found the levels expected to migrate into foods to be well within the margin of safety based on information available to the agency.” The FDA also says that there are not dioxins are not in plastic containers or films. I was unable to find the article that the American Cancer Society was referring to in its article. I could not find a link in the article or when I looked for it from The FDA website.

One thought on “Does Know What Is True?

  1. I like the controversy behind the emails. Also, Im curious to see about the microwave plastics as well. Good topic choice.

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