Do I Have To…?

A friend of mine who is currently in school to become a teacher recently informed me that nowadays, the only requirement a person needs to become a teacher is to simply take a test. This was crazy to me! Even my mom, who was a substitute teacher, had to take a course in order to have her own classes. If this is true, what does this say about who has been educating us? If we went to school being taught to go to college by someone who just took a test giving them permission to teach us that, why should we listen?

In my previous blog post, the references were from a book. In this book, there is a chapter on high school seniors’ plans after they graduate. Their studies were broken up into gender, and of those who planned on working after graduation and those who planned on going to school. Of the girls, their studies were broken down even further to which chose to become nurses or go to business school. They also mentioned that parent attitudes toward college played a very important role in students’ decisions about attending college.

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