Relatable Source Pt. 2

Work. Unless you do what you love every day, you’re more likely to wake up looking like this…


Besides this cute picture of this little boy, the Cracked article 6 Ways Your Office Is Literally Killing You is basically trying to inform the audience of the different things around the office could potentially harm you. They try and get the audience attention through the many statistical facts through the different sources they use within the article.

For example, the writer says that a printer gives off a “toner” which can end up giving you a type of lung disease, siderosilicosis.

This article is the same as the one I wrote about on Blog Post 3, however it does have some similarities to the first article that I wrote about on Blog 2. For one, both have something to do with health and the fact that there are ways you could die from them. Not only does it have something to do with your health, but also the fact that they’re the weirdest ways to think about on how it could potentially hurt you.

One thought on “Relatable Source Pt. 2

  1. I never thought a printer could potentially kill you, its kind of frightening! I can’t wait to here more about this. I also love the way you started your blog.

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