FDA Does It Even Know What’s Going On?

I started out my search by selecting the database that I wanted to search in. I selected ProQuest to do my search in.

The challenges with searching in a database were finding enough sources. On most of my searches I had to make them more general to find more than one or two sources. This is different than my past experiences because I always have too many sources come up. I found four sources that I thought would be good to add to my list of sources. The sources that I found were very useful.

My article from The New York Times said, “The food industry has already been fighting legislation in the Senate backed by Dianne Feinstein of California that would ban bisphenol-A, commonly found in plastics and better known as BPA, from food and beverage containers.” My article BPA In Plastic Bottles-Another View says that the FDA made a mistake in reviews of studies about BPA causing harm. It also says that they failed to take into account the fact that microwaving could increase the amount of BPA in baby formula or milk. The FDA also relied too much on studies made by companies that make BPA. The Eco-Safe Kitchen talks about the different ways to avoid using plastic around food. Not only when it comes to heating food but also different ways to store food.  Most Plastic Products Release Estrogenic Chemicals: A Potential Health Problem that Can Be Solved talks about how EA or estrogenic activity can be released in commercial plastics. The article also talks about how plastics that say they are BPA can release more EA chemicals than plastics that have BPA. All of the articles that I have found from ProQuest contradict what my Cracked.com article said about microwaving food in plastic. My Cracked.com article said that microwaving food with plastic does not release toxins. However, the articles that I found from ProQuest say that it does release toxins.

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