Turning 180 Degrees, because I like to make Things Difficult

The author of Unmanned Drones are Flying High in the Military/Aerospace Sector looks into the technology the planes operate with, but also the complicated equipment the pilots must use to operate the drones from so far away. The drones which fly recon missions in Afghanistan, are typically operated state side, so the equipment and technology has to be advance in order to connect the two extremes. He also goes into detail about the new technology being developed for similar purposes by many different companies. He sees the Drone industry exploding up and the technology to keep pushing the limits. This relates to the article, Drone Wars, because not many young Soldiers are joining the military/Air Force to become Drone Pilots. The first article indicates that the technology could one day pilot itself.

Shows the estimated total of Civilian Deaths.. Civilian Deaths detailed in red.

Shows the estimated total of Civilian Deaths.. Civilian Deaths detailed in red.

I am still very unsure how I want to approach this paper, with Drones being so controversial many writers have very different opinions. The Drones are used in so many good ways, to monitor chemical spills, forest fires, and military surveillance. On the other hand, the drones can invade the privacy of the public stated in the Cracked.com article and of course the Predator Drones have taken several innocent civilian lives. The issue has so many variables it is hard to find the right to talk about the topic. I have read stories about Pilots having to deal with very poor lag on the connection to the drone, this event the Drone Pilot depicted ended civilian lives.

Sara Sorcher wrote, The Wonderful World of Drones, Talks about the ability for first responders to launch the drone to see problem area before they can get there. This could help in California during serious Forest Fires, and in rural areas where it could take fire, police, and emergency vehicles to get the place of emergency. Sara went to primary sources of agencies that use the drones, which is what most of my research has come from pilots or representatives of a company produces/using drones. The author raised a very important argument which I think will help me focus on the domestic use of the drone. The technology of the Drone can selectively take images of indicated areas, unlike a manned aircraft which pilots can see everything invading privacy of others.

This is a very different approach I have taken and the research has shown in blog #2. The controversy surrounds domestic use by state, and local government although the misuse of the drones on foreign soil is often in the news especially during this current Presidents term in office. This is a politically backed controversy on both domestic and foreign soil; both come with very different controversies.


The comparison between Obama and Bush administration.



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