Greenhouse Gases Explained! (with memes)

In my last post I pulled an article from a volume of the “American Association for the Advancement of Science” journal called Climate Impact of Increasing Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide. Basically, the article stresses that global warming does exist, even though some temperatures in parts of the world have decreased at periods of time where there was rapid carbon dioxide build-up. Now, I can see that may come off as contradictory but that’s mainly why scientists have renamed the whole spiel “Climate Change”–fancy right?


The author uses the change of carbon dioxide levels over the years to show the cause of climate change and also to explain WHY it is the key ingredient to the greenhouse effect. Some people don’t even realize carbon dioxide isn’t the only greenhouse gas, there’s also methane and water vapor (Yeah, water vapor.) Carbon dioxide is just the main gas responsible. Another fun fact; based on the Milankovitch theory we’re supposed to be in an ice age right now! But that’s for another time to explain. 279557_Papel-de-Parede-Meme-Impossibru_1400x1050

The information from the data gathered has shown in the next century the carbon dioxide abundance will have reached 600ppm (Parts Per Million; One part per million would mean that there is one gram of the pollutant in every one million grams of air. *Key The More You Know music.*) That’s even if we lower the usage of fossil fuel. The article goes on to say “Potential effects on climate in the 21st century include the creation of drought-prone regions in North America and central Asia as part of a shifting of climatic zones, erosion of the West Antarctic ice sheet with a consequent worldwide rise in sea level, and opening of the fabled Northwest Passage.” Now that’s something to think about.


However, even with all the evidence scientists have backing the climate change theory, science never proves anything. It’s not fact, it’s a theory, a group of tested general propositions, and just like Aristotle, one of the smartest men of his time, can be proven wrong, so can this.

The first article’s primary focus is on the different types and scales of climate change uncertainty, and goes into detail on what that is. However it is very broad on the impact of increased amount of carbon dioxide found in our atmosphere. That’s where this article comes into play. The articles agree with one another, and work very well together. Now, going back to the less scholarly Cracked  article. They state “Global warming is not going to mean a universal increase across the board, like someone leaned on the thermostat. Yes, on average, the temperature has been going up, and it will continue to go up, but even then not by an amount that sounds immediately alarming.” Which ties all the other articles together. *phew. Deep breath.*

Hopefully next time I can get into the Milankovitch theory. Anywho, cheers for the meme usage!

2 thoughts on “Greenhouse Gases Explained! (with memes)

  1. I remember having to learn about the Carbon Dioxide levels shown in Ice Core examples, I didn’t stay awake to long in that class period. I think the end is very interesting where you said that the Earth is gradually heating, but not every place on Earth has to have an increasing climate for global warming. I don’t think many people understand this, and neither do I. The use of Memes is definitely necessary.

  2. I really enjoy your use of Memes in you article it makes it very entertaining. I actually did not know that the name had been changed from Global Warming to Climate Change.

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