Blog Post 4

In my last few posts I talked a lot about the argument that the author of my cracked article made which was the fact that just because a drug is considered a natural drug it does not deem it safer than synthetic drugs.  With that I touched a lot on the fact that opium (a naturally formed substance) is found in HIGH amounts of Heroin.  Unfortunately through my research I wasn’t able to find too much more on the effects in comparison of natural to synthetic drug use.  Therefor I’ve decided to narrow my research to the effects that heroin has on the body and mind.  The author for the article I have chosen first is Jen Christensen, a writer for CNN.  She starts of by introducing how the drug works in the body.  She then specifically jumps to the causes of death and what exactly happens to the body when one dies from heroin use.  She references Doctor Karen Drexler, who explains that “Heroin makes someone calm and a little bit sleepy, but if you take too much then you can fall asleep, and when you are asleep your respiratory drive shuts down”.  This can lead to the body forgetting to breathe altogether.  The author of my article also states that overdosing on heroin drops your blood pressure significantly which can lead to the failing of your heart.  The author provides hyper links in her article to support all of her claims. 

 Here is the article

One thought on “Blog Post 4

  1. I liked how you showed the pictures showing the comparisons of the short and long term affects of heroin. It was very interesting to see how much worse the affects got as time went on.

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