Solving the Traumatic with Simplicity…plus a Thorough Understanding

Lets start with super cute kid that kind of relates to concussions:

Now, going back to one of the articles I mentioned in the previous post. This article is all about answering the question, “What do I do to feel better after a concussion?”

I mean, it is clear what they are trying to determine with their study: the best way to treat a concussion. It is a government page, last updated in late 2012. Now, since every concussion is different to each individual, they give TIPS  on how to treat a concussion to certain age groups. They acknowledge the differences between concussions: age, cause, symptoms, variation of time period for healing.

Their evidence is not very clear. There are no references or authors to question, but like I said it is a government website. However, that may not mean much to people especially if you don’t trust the government like I don’t. How do we know they are telling the truth, but how do we know they are not telling the truth either? I don’t know, that is more research for another topic another day.

They do determine that sleep and rest is quite the remedy for this traumatic brain injury. Sure it seems simple, but maybe that is just it. I mean it was a TRAUMATIC injury, maybe the opposite will help: the simplicity of sleeping.

Still, they cannot determine every person’s case, this is why they give us tips. It is not a step by step process like they give you for baking (I know it is a random example, but go with it, I’m hungry). It is almost an inductive reasoning process, when trying to figure out the symptoms, cause, diagnosis, and treatment to begin.

Here is an informational photo of what happens in a concussion:

This article does seem a bit similar to Blog Post Two, just because we are all agreeing that sleep is a good thing for people with a concussion. However, this article is really defending that argument a bit more. It doesn’t cover the basic knowledge of a concussion, because it assumes you already know for the most part, but instead is answering the specific question of how to “fix it.”

The Cracked article does agree with sleeping after a concussion,and it does focus more so on the humor of the whole myth, talking about drunk people and how that is where all of this confusion probably started. Whether they are serious about that or just trying to go with social humor, I am not sure.


I just thought this was interesting. Not really pertaining to the post but may be helpful in my paper later on.

4 thoughts on “Solving the Traumatic with Simplicity…plus a Thorough Understanding

  1. I really like the pictures that you added in this blog post! The graphs really help to explain things and bring a more visual side. This is a very interesting topic I’m excited to learn more about it!

  2. I’ve always thought that concussions were extremely serious, like ER serious. Mostly because of the sound of it…”concussion”, and also because an actress died of one. So basically this cleared a lot up for me while also making me feel stupid. 🙂

  3. While sleep following a concussion is important, you must remember that too much sleep can be a bad thing. Maybe look into that for your next article? As an athletic trainer for OSU, I found that part very interesting when we talked about it in class! Sorry, I couldn’t stay away from this topic!

  4. I really like the way you used pictures and graphs in this blog post. That is definitely something I need to do better in. None of my blog posts have contained very many visuals so far, and that probably makes it a little more difficult to read and comment on. Also, I really like the topic you are doing. I think it is very interesting that sleeping may in fact be a helpful thing to do following a concussion.

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