Relatable Source

Going through one of the references, 6 Ways Your Office Is Literally Killing You by Kathy Benjamin is somewhat related to my previous Cracked article, 5 Pieces of Clothing With Shocking Health Risks because it describes another way people can potentially die from. To begin with, the article is basically informing those that work in an office place about the risks everyone is taking daily working in an office. For example, they include in the article that laser printers emit ozone and give off particles of toner which can then cause cancer and different forms of lung disease. Also, they add on that your office building makes you sick, “over-illumination” can hurt your eye sight due to the lighting in the office, motivational meetings can cause you to think suicidal thoughts, having a higher risk of a heart attack due to boredom, and sitting can also increase cancer and some kinds of heart disease.

Once again, this article relates to my main article because it has to do with how it can potentially hurt your health. This article has a lot of facts and statistics that it includes in order to keep it credible by using sources within it like: BBC News, CNN, and




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