College or Nah?

Part of the problem with the public school system is that it does not fully prepare its students for the future. Sure, that’s what they’re selling but by the time they graduate, it’s basically “Good luck with whatever it is you choose to do with your life!” and expect them to have an idea. For some who do, great! Off to college they go, but what about the rest?  In Ralph F. Berdie’s book, After High School– What? , he discusses who chooses to go to college and why they choose to do so.

For those who plan on becoming medical doctors, lawyers, or engineers, college is obviously the right direction for them. However, those who are not pursuing a professional degree might want to consider how they plan on using their degree, the total amount of money they will be spending at the end of it, and if the time put in will be worth as much as they make later in life.


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